Locator Beacons - New Zealand

Locator Beacons (PLBs) are designed for personal use in the aviation, land and marine environments and are becoming increasingly popular in a number of fields, both in industry and recreationally. PLBs are required to operate for a minimum of 24 hours once activated and EPIRBs for 48 hours.

The KTI New Zealand or ACR & Rescue Me Australian Coded 406 MHz beacons provide an encoded (GPS) location. The satellite system can calculate a beacon’s location, but locating a distress site is usually much faster if the beacon signal provides a GPS location and is registered with the beacon's country code rescue centre.

All PLBs sold here include GPS activation.

An earth receiving station in Wellington receives beacon signals relayed by COSPAS-SARSAT satellites due to activation, processes them to determine the GPS location of beacons, and forwards the signals to Rescue Coordination Centres in Wellington and Canberra.

Please note: Australian Coded PLBs - ACR & Rescue Me owned by New Zealand residents must be registered with AMSA in Canberra. RCCNZ - Wellington are unable to process the registration - only AMSA - Canberra.

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