Yukon 3x50 Exelon CF Super Tube Monocular

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The Yukon Exelon 3x50 CF night vision monocular features super tube enhanced operating characteristics. The combination of a CF-Super tube and a high-aperture 50mm objective lens gives a distortion free, crisper and geometrically precise image on the full screen. The CF-Super light amplification ratio of 1200 essentially exceeds a similar value of the gen. 1 tube. This CF feature gives the Exelon 3x50 a great viewing range and high level of detail of observed objects.

High resolution

The CF-Super tube has a 20% higher resolution than Gen.1 units. Resolution difference between the centre / edge does not exceed 20%, whilst no peripheral focus is possible in Gen.1 devices.

Lack of distortion

The Image Intensifier Tube, provides the highest edge-to-edge resolution performance for a budget consumer NV product. The image does not have distortion at the edge of the field of view and is in focus for both the central and peripheral areas. 


High Aperture Ratio
R-Contact Optical Arrangement
Enhanced Resolution, comparable to gen. 2+
“Flat” Image (Distortion Free)
Large Viewing Range
Fine Ergonomics 


Tube Type - CF-Super
Image Tube Gain - ≥ 1200 times
Magnification - x 3
Lens Diameter - 50mm
Field of View - 13 degree
Minimum Focusing Distance - 2.5m
Range of Detection - 180m
Diopter Adjustment - ± 5 D
Resolution, lines per mm: field of view - center 40
Resolution, lines per mm: field of view - edge 32
Power Supply - 3V (CR123A - NOT SUPPLIED)
Tripod Mount - 1/4" (2 sockets)
Grade of water-resistance - IPX4
Dimensions - 198x87x60mm
Weight - 0.5kg


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