Yukon Sightline N470 Digital Night Vision Scope

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The Yukon Sightline scopes are designed for observation in twilight or nighttime. In complete darkness (no stars or the Moon) use of the built-in LED IR Illuminator with 850nm (N470 model) or 940nm (N475 model) wavelength (invisible range) is highly recommended.

With a variable 6-24x magnification Yukon Sightline N470 permits viewing of quarry at up to 400m away, in high detail via the new HD sensor and AMOLED display.

Your scope is a versatile device designed for a wide range of professional and amateur applications such as outdoor adventure, sports targeting, night video recording and observation.

Series Features

  • HD-sensor 1280x720
  • High magnification 6-24x
  • Long viewing range in the nighttime
  • Enhanced nighttime sensitivity
  • Scalable ballistic reticles
  • High precision aiming with “Picture-in-Picture” mode
  • Accurate Zoom Zeroing
  • Three individual shooting profiles
  • Universal rail for various mount types
  • Quick-release rechargeable power supply included
  • Easy operation with a single button/controller
  • High caliber applicable: cal 12, 9.3x64, 375H&H
  • Invisible long-range IR Illuminator (models N455 / N475)
  • Wide-angle eyepiece - absence of keyhole effect
  • Suitable for daytime use
  • MicroHDMI video output
  • Stadiametric rangefinder
  • Wide range of operating temperature
  • Display-off mode
  • Side incline indication
  • Automatic shut-down function


Sensor Type CMOS / 1280x720
Display type AMOLED / 1024х768
Magnification, x 6 - 24x
Objective Lens 1:1.2
Field of View, degree 4,1 / 7,1
Eye Relief, mm 50
Diopter adjustment, dptr. -2.5 / +5
Range of detection, m (object 1,7m high) 450
Power of IR Illuminator, mW LED / 850
Windage & Elevation, 1 click, mm / 100m    7.5 (for 6x), 1.9 (for 24x)
Power supply, V 3,8-6,3
Battery Type DNV Battery Pack / 4xAA (LR06)
Battery Life, hr 4
Operating Temperature, °C -20 ... +40
Level of Protection (acc. to IEC 60529) IPX4
Waterproofness Yes
Dimensions, mm 315x89x88
Weight, kg 1.15
Warranty Yukon Australia 3 Years

Pаckage contents

Digital NV Scope Sightline
Carrying case
DNV Battery Pack
Charging container with mains charger (100-240V)
Battery container
Mount (with screws and hex-nut wrench)
Quick start guide
Lens cloth
Warranty card

Yukon Australia 3 Year

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