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    The slim, lightweight and versatile design fits easily in a pocket or hangs discreetly when attached to a life jacket or backpack.


    ACR C-Light Emergency Distress Light

    The ACR LED C-Light is a manually activated, steady-on personal distress light with dramatically improved operating life. This waterproof light is tiny yet rugged, and has a 20 lumen LED that typically operates for 30 hours continuously. The C-Light has...

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  • ACR Res-Q 100Db USCG Whistle with Lanyard


    ACR Res-Q 100Db USCG Whistle with Lanyard

    Get attention when you need it with the WW-3 ResQ™ Whistle. This compact survival whistle was specially developed to locate boaters who’ve fallen overboard, but it can also aid in land rescues. The WW-3 ResQ issues a shrill dual-tone up to...

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