PLB - Australia

Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs) with free government registration are designed for personal use in the aviation, land and marine environments and are becoming increasingly popular in a number of fields, both in industry and recreational. PLBs are required to operate for a minimum of 24 hours once activated worldwide.

These Australian Coded 406 MHz beacons come in two basic types: those that provide an encoded (GPS) location and those that do not. The satellite system can calculate a beacon’s location, but locating a distress site is usually much faster if the beacon signal provides a GPS location.

All PLBs sold at SkippersMate include GPS transmission upon activation.

An earth receiving station that receives beacon signals relayed by COSPAS-SARSAT satellites, processes them to determine the location of beacons, and forwards the signals to a mission control centre (MCC). The MCC servicing Australia is the Australian Rescue Coordination Centre, located in Canberra.

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