Burke Lifejacket Red Manual Inflatable 150N Pfd1 AS4758.01

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Designed and manufactured to the Australian Standard AS4758.1 and approved to Level 150, this all-purpose inflatable PFD is the perfect companion to a vast array of activities, from rock fishing to offshore sailing.

Burke Marine was founded by Martin Burke on the shores of Sydney Harbour in 1971. Combining a wealth of boating experience with a vast knowledge of textile manufacturing, the company has been one of Australia’s most respected and dynamic marine brands for over 40 years and that's why we sell these lifejackets.

It is also available in Automatic (ISSA1501) inflation with a pull cord to trigger the 33 gram CO2 cylinder. The automatic model will inflate when submerged in water, but as a back-up, it is also equipped with an oral inflation tube. Suitable for body mass of 40kg and over and chest size 70-140cm.


  • Level 150 Australian Standard AS4758.1 Approved
  • Manual Co2 Gas Inflation
  • Rated 150 Newtons of Buoyancy
  • Double Sealed Bladder
  • Easy to Adjust Waistband
  • UML Firing Mechanism
  • Grab Strap
  • Oral Inflation/Deflation Tube
  • Whistle
  • Velcro cover for repacking
  • Neoprene Collar for comfort & no chaffing
  • 6 x Reflective tape
  • Velcro cover for easier repacking
  • Neoprene Collar for comfort & no chaffing
  • Storage bag
  • 3 Year Australian warranty & Service agents
  • Suits chest size 70cm to 140cm
  • Suitable for Body Mass of 40kg and Over

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