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Invigilators - Marine Radio Operators Certificates

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An invigilator is a person who supervisors Marine Radio Operators examinations.

What is the role of the Invigilator?

The role of the invigilator is to ensure the proper delivery of the examination in accordance with the Invigilator Guidelines (refer Invigilator Guidelines). Their role does not include the marking of papers or providing advice to candidates about their performance. Therefore, invigilators do not have access to examination answers nor should they peruse or retain examination papers.

This approach minimises the possibility of misconduct by invigilators and is consistent with current practices of most educational institutions in regard to invigilators.

If the candidate requires feedback about their examination performance, he or she should contact the Office of Maritime Communications (OMC) on 1300365 262.

Who can be an Invigilator?

In its conduct of marine operator examinations, the OMC currently selects individual invigilators from nominations offered by organisations. Essentially, the nominees are persons of good character and standing in the community.

The nominee is not required hold formal qualifications. After verification the OMC approves the nominee to act as an invigilator for marine operator examinations.

While a person may apply as an independent invigilator the approval process is more stringently applied that when a candidate is nominated by an organisation. The OMC Manager will contact the applicant; and approval will be at the Manager's discretion.

What's my relationship between Examiner and Invigilator?

The Examiner (OMC Manager) is responsible for compilation and the standard of marine radio operator examinations. Examination questions are scrutinised by an independent person/people from the maritime community.

The Manager is also responsible for the setting up of the processes and procedures necessary to ensure the integrity of the examination service, and for the delivery of the examinations to the invigilators.

It is important that invigilators operate at ‘arms length’ from candidates contesting an examination. Fees paid by the candidates to contest an examination should be sent to the Office of Maritime Communications.

How Much Does It Cost For An Invigilator?

The role of an invigilator is voluntary and as such no remuneration is applicable. However an invigilator may arrange reimbursement for expenses incurred to perform the examination. Reimbursement should be discussed with the candidate prior to the examination being held.

An invigilator may make an agreement with a training provider for compensation for providing their services but an invigilator cannot charge candidates direct. This is to remove the possibility of perceived bias.

Arrangements between the invigilator and the organisation are a private matter between those parties.

Where Can I Find An Invigilator?

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Information extract: Office of Maritime Communications